Digital or handwritten notebook

Originally, the notebook, notebook or notepad dates back to a scholar Ambrogio Calepino in 1502. It was used to write down personal reflections, over time for convenience, it has become this pocket notebook.

Nowadays, digital takes a preponderant place in our lives. Communication, professional or private, increasingly passes through digital tools. Verbal exchanges between natural persons are also rare and written documents are also becoming more and more digital. You know the notes on an application on your computer desktop. Now what if you have connection problems or if you lose your phone or computer? Handwritten notes will be kept warm in your home. You can take your notebook at any time and put your ideas there. It will be easier to jot down your thoughts jumbled up in your notebook. If you have a passion for writing, a notebook is the thing you need. This notebook will not ask you to update, it will not run out of battery and will not need connection!


Buy a notebook

As you can see, this pocket size notebook is available in different visuals. Notebooks undoubtedly meet your whims. You will travel to Japan with our blankets. The artistic work is inspired by old photographs of Japanese geishas. The idea was to work with different artists and allow them to highlight their worlds. We started with artist Sabine Rusch.

A shopping list, love letter or novel always starts better in a beautiful notebook. Our notebooks are suitable for all types of communications.


With their white sheets without lines, they are also a perfect support for your sketches and drawings. Pick up your pen and let inspiration guide you!


So give free rein to your creativity… Never again will an idea be lost. Thanks to its pocket size, it can follow you everywhere ...

You can also pair it with our pocket book cover. an original and responsible gift idea that will also allow you to discover and / or introduce one or an artist.


Our notebooks are made of paper from sustainably managed forests. Printed and produced in France in the Oise region by an Imprim'Vert certified printer, a charter which respects the environment.