Reverso bag
100% cotton fabric, oeko-tex standard

Size L: 32 x 39 cm


Size M: 25 x 30 cm


Why choose Bulk Bags?

No one can ignore current environmental issues, especially in terms of waste production. However, there are simple actions to integrate into our daily lives to effectively reduce waste. So you can start by gradually changing your consumption habits by favoring the bulk bag, which is more ecological, rather than a plastic bag. Many organic brands offer this type of packaging, supermarkets are also doing it. So what exactly is this bag and how do you use it? You will find all the necessary information in the short guide below.



How do Bulk Bags look?

They will generally be in the form of fabric pouches, made in an eco-responsible way. They come in different sizes and are therefore suitable for packaging a large number of foods. Thus, they are reusable containers that you can use during your shopping. They will allow you to easily transport all your purchases like your fruits and vegetables without them being packed in single-use plastic containers.

They can also be washed and are also very strong, so you will be able to keep them for a very long time. You even have the option, if they get damaged, to repair them yourself with a sewing kit. It is therefore a good investment to embark on a 0% waste and ecological approach.


What are the advantages of these reusable bags?

These are of course important allies in committing to an ecological approach of zero waste. They are infinitely reusable and will allow you to gradually get rid of the plastic packaging in which your products are often packaged. Indeed, exposing your food to plastics is questionable from the point of view of toxicity at the level of health. These pouches are made in an eco-responsible way and will therefore have no negative impact on the body.

In addition, these containers are very practical and easy to transport. They are light, weigh only 5-10 grams and take up very little space.

You will not even need to go to specialized stores to use them, you can use them in any supermarket, whether for your fruits and vegetables or even to store other dry products like pasta or rice for example.

You can also use them to store small things, to differentiate your belongings in a suitcase, your underwear, your belts… They are also very practical if you want to wrap a gift in an ecological way.

They will also save you space in your home since you will no longer have to store a multitude of plastic packaging that you don't want to throw away but don't really know what to do with.