Book cover

100% cotton fabric, oeko-tex standard


Pocket Format

11 x 18 cm

Couvre livre Panda roux fond ocre OUTZOOM.jpg

The formats of our book covers

Classic Format

14 x 20.5 cm

Couvre livre Jardin rouge OUTZOOM

Large format

14 x 22.5 cm

Couvre livre motif Nénuphar_corail

Book covers made in France

For reading enthusiasts, the book cover now belongs to the range of accessories that we offer here. To protect the books inside the purse or in the pockets, a book cover is extremely useful. It reinforces the solidity of the covers, it protects your novels or your books during your travels, it is the ideal accessory.

The pocket size is most often used, because very noma de. The book keeps better, can therefore be transmitted or simply kept in its pocket. The pocket book is no longer the poor relation of the book, the pocket format being a good quality / price ratio, by associating the protection of your choice, you offer a more suitable gift.

We of course offer other larger formats made in France as well.

Preserve and protect a book

A book cover is by definition used to protect a book. A free book or a book that is valuable to you. The book cover in recent years has been made of plastic or paper. One is harmful to the environment, the other can be recycled. At Saguita, we have created eco-responsible fabric protection, made in France. Thus, it can be used and reused at will.

The cover of the book allows you to read everywhere away from prying eyes. For example, in the subway, the train, at the bistro ... your reading subject will be protected whether you are reading a book for your studies, or a more daring story.


The book cover decorating your books

Historically, books were published without a cover. We then had to consult a bookbinder to decorate it. In the 19th century, we decided to wrap books with a removable protective shirt, a dust jacket.

The fabric is a decorative ornament for your book. The book cover is available in several sizes. You are purchasing a book cover that resembles your personality and defines your taste whether you are of a calm temper or more chivalrous. The book cover allows you to personalize it all the way, whether for you or for the person for whom this is intended. What could be nicer? Stand out and let yourself be seduced by our different patterns and colors, you are spoiled for choice.


Book protection of your choice

SAGUITA book covers come in several sizes. Our models range from pocket size to classic (White collection by GALLIMARD®, yellow pages from GRASSET®, SEUIL® edition, etc.) and large format. This allows you to protect most of the books. Thus, you avoid scratches, tears on your favorite books.

Important note, the book cover is neither in paper nor in plastic, it is in Oeko-tex standard fabric (without any harmful substance).

You can keep it or give it away. In our online store you have a choice of over 40 models. The colors of the book covers vary from anthracite gray to red, passing through blue, yellow and orange, etc.

Regarding the patterns, we strive to offer you a large choice of fabrics: English-inspired (Liberty style), African inspiration (wax style), more modern Scandinavian-type inspiration (geometric style) or naturalist inspiration. Your protection will be covered with yellow leaves reminiscent of autumn, flowers in summer colors, or animals. The book cover bought from your Saguita craftswoman is also a perfect gift for your reading friends.