Furoshiki : Japanese gift wrapping

A thousand-year-old art of Japanese packaging

The use of a cloth to wrap one's belongings dates back to the 8th century during the Nara era. This method was originally used to elegantly store the most precious possessions of Japanese nobility families, notably in the Shōsō in “treasure house”, located in the large Buddhist temple of Todai-ji in the city of Nara.

Subsequently, with the Heian era, this aesthetic folding gradually spread to the upper class and was used mainly for packaging clothing when traveling.

The modern term "Furoshiki" was used a few centuries later and can be translated as "bath mat". He was in fact placed on the ground to deposit and pack clothes before going to the public baths. Now for environmental reasons, it becomes the symbol of Mottainai, a Japanese concept which consists of rejecting waste.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Furoshiki, an ecological and economical packaging

Since the emergence of plastic in the mid-20th century, furoshiki has gradually fallen into disuse. It has been replaced by plastic bags or single-use packaging.

Preserving the environment has sparked interest in returning to less polluting packaging. An ecological fabric with healthy standards for humans is undoubtedly more appropriate. In this sense, the furoshiki is the perfect packaging. You can reuse it as you like, you can wash it at will. It exists in different colors and patterns. For parties or birthdays, it will be perfect for wrapping your gifts to offer.

In addition, it will be quite possible for you to offer it in addition to the gift.

As you will have understood, buying or giving a furoshiki is a gesture that makes sense for the preservation and safeguard of the planet.

The furoshiki wrapped around your present will either be returned after unpacking or kept with the gift. The person who receives it gives it to another person of their choice or keeps it as an accessory for their entire life, and so on. This is the principle of the circular economy.

A fabric for life

There are special techniques for folding the fabric. The pounding techniques are quite easy. You will find plenty of examples on the Internet, depending on what you plan to pack or even transport.

As the furoshiki is made with a strong fabric, you will be able to pack and transport books, plants, bottles, etc. You will not fail to create an effect of surprise thanks to this ecological, original and committed gift package. As the holidays approach, for a Christmas present, it will be the essential packaging accessory. Imagine this fabric gift wrapping placed near the tree the day after Christmas Eve. You can also acquire a bulk bag or a tote bag to pack and transport your personal effects on a daily basis.

Why buy a furoshiki from Saguita?

You are buying a product that is good for your health. Saguita respects standards preserving and reducing the risks for your skin. The purchased Furoshiki will be machine washable and will not pollute the environment. In addition, you will benefit from craftsmanship. At Saguita, we take the greatest care in the realization of our products.