Mask pouch Size 21x11 cm (capacity: about 3 masks)

Wear an approved mask

The standards of life have changed in France for a few months now. Nationwide consideration has been given to wearing an approved mask in everyday life. They therefore occupy a good part of the face. In addition to offering protection, masks are now almost a fashion accessory just like gloves, scarves and bags.

The wearing of masks has become widespread in public places. Whether you are in your professional environment or with your family, add a personal touch to your look. Wearing a mask is now part of the daily routine of French people, adults and children alike.

It is preferable to equip yourself with several masks per person and per day in order to be able to ensure a rotation during the day. The mask only has a duration of use of a few hours.

Mask pouch

You will need a place to store your masks, practical in terms of volume and transportable. How about a fabric accessory made in France? We have created 21x11 cm mask pouches. These pouches can hold around 4 masks. Differentiate yourself by offering the cover of your choice. The fabric used for this product is waterproof and does not contain hydrocarbons. Do not wait any longer, we surely have the model that suits you on our store.