Health book cover "Contes" collection, 15 x 21 cm

Made in France health book cover

Inaugurated from birth, the health record then accompanies us throughout our life. Indispensable reminder, it contains valuable information for health professionals, completes our medical file before exams and provides proof that our vaccinations are up to date. What deserves the most beautiful protection! Both aesthetic and resistant, our made in France notebook covers will follow you for a very long time.

Quality protection for a more durable notebook

We have all observed it: failing to be well protected, a health record often ends up peeling, staining or tearing. Without forgetting the rebellious covers, which have the annoying habit of detaching from the pages they are supposed to preserve ... Thanks to our notebook covers, no more damaged medical documents: specially designed for a well-protected health record, all our models benefit from a French manufacture 100% cotton Oeko-tex with high quality materials. They thus offer foolproof protection to your notebook! Very functional, our health book covers of course have practical flaps, which can accommodate documents supplementing your medical file or even prescriptions to be presented to the pharmacy.

The health book cover: a perfect birth gift

Are you looking for a useful, original and unique birth gift that will always be remembered? Our notebooks made in France are perfect to complete the trousseaux of all newborns. Thanks to their pretty blankets inspired by children's stories, they will surely make young parents crack - but also toddlers who have grown up to smile: a real "plus" to reassure those most worried about medical examinations and health professionals, sometimes intimidating. Faithful to the post at the slightest cough or the slightest beginner cold, our notebook covers are available for each appointment with the pediatrician, ENT or dentist. Gladly mobile, they also accompany the whole family on their getaways, whether they go on vacation with Grandpa and Grandma or on a trip to the other side of the world. And if there are several children at home, our health book covers, thanks to their varied covers, are the ideal way to personalize everyone's book in addition to preserving its content: nothing better to be able to find it first. glance before heading to the doctor!

Our health book cover is made in France, always with 100% Oeko-tex cotton fabric. Let us be responsible for the Earth of tomorrow.