Passport Cover, 9 x13 cm

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Identity document to preserve

The passport is an official document. It was issued by a State, it is one of the papers that must not be lost. It is necessary to allow you free movement around the world.

Regarding the administrative procedures, they generally take a lot of time:

making an appointment on the internet or by phone, bringing together the various papers to be provided, the appointment, waiting ... You will agree to the relief, once the said formalities have been completed. In the event of theft or loss, reproducing the passport is also complex. It is important to secure and protect your passport. The latter will be stored in a safe place.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Elegantly protect your passport

You have completed the formalities and obtained your passport. What could be better than to personalize it, it will be easily recognizable. Once at home, your passport, placed at the bottom of a drawer in the middle of other documents will be protected and easily identified.

Imagine a family going on vacation, it is the father or mother who will have to leave the ticket and each corresponding passport when checking in. If you have assigned an original cover to each passport, it will be immediately recognizable. You can very easily present the official document corresponding to the plane ticket. And this in any situation requiring an identity check.

Whether you are a real globetrotter, a businessman or a businesswoman who travels regularly, you know how passports can be damaged during frequent and repetitive checks or simply from being carried around in handbags or pouches. The primary function of a passport protector is, as its name suggests, to protect in order to preserve the life of this document and to keep it always presentable. Personalization is a plus, it's the playful side of this object.

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In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The artisanal passport protector

The passport protector is perfectly suited to your official documents. You have access to more than 10 models. It will allow you to keep your passport in good condition, to remain discreet about your nationality, to personalize your document. It is made in France with Oeko-tex standard fabric.