Tote bag, 42 x 37 cm

A large transportable bag  

The tote bag is made up of two words, bag, and tote. Bag is the English word for a bag. To this you add the word tote, following the verb “to tote” meaning to carry around (in the sense of transporting). Finally, you get a carry bag, a bag to take everywhere with you. The origin of the tote bag goes back to the twentieth century, the "paper boy" in the United States used a rectangular bag without closure to carry newspapers from one end of the city to the other.

A fashion bag, a beach bag

For some time now, tote bags have become a big trend in women's fashion. If you don't know it yet, this is a decently sized “tote” bag that you can carry a lot of stuff in. For outings in the city, you can put your sweater, your glasses, your newspaper, clothes, your book, and why not baby accessories ... It is also practical for shopping, going to the beach and picnics. nics.

On our online store, you will discover our range of original and handmade tote bags.

Made from standard Oeko-Tex fabric, these products are washable and reusable, eliminating the need to purchase plastic bags.

The tote bag made in France

The tote bags offered on our site are designed and manufactured in France. It is near the Paris region in a workshop that we make your fabric bag. The fabric making up your tote bag meets Oeko-tex standards. So your skin will not be attacked by harmful materials. We offer 1 pattern, the moucharabieh available in several colors, emerald, pink, petroleum, gray and mustard.

The fabric is reminiscent of the ventilation system of oriental countries, perfect for the summer period, or your walks by the sea.

The Saguita workshop makes an original tote bag for your everyday life. For shopping in the city center or a daily purchase such as picking up bread from your baker.


Do not hesitate to select the color of the tote bag of your choice on our website.

By purchasing one of these pretty tote bags, which can be reused at will, you are doing something entirely eco-responsible. This is a plus for ecology, the planet will thank you.